About Lee

Thank you for finding your way here to my site. I hope that this site will be useful for you to use and help in your search for not only the perfect instrument but also at the right price!


I grew up in a small town. Unfortunately not a lot of opportunity exists in the outskirts hours away from major cities. But there are determinations that drive us.

I had a passion and a want like no other. I was going to be a famous drummer in a successful rock n’ roll band! I knew that to accomplish that goal not only did I need a band and places to play, I needed equipment! Bands and gigs came and went, then life happens- college, marriage, children to name a few. Some dreams are set aside for what matters most. But the passion and drive are still there.

The internet makes it easier now for me to continue to play with other musicians and also provides a means for continuing my passion. Playing drums!


I want to provide a place where not only drummers can meet and discuss products but also be able to grab those deals that aren’t available at your hometown music store. The deals that I couldn’t get!

I feel a help needed for every drummer that is struggling to get out there and be everything that they put their minds to and to help reach their goals. The design of this site is to help you and everyone perfect their art and give us the chance and option to see what items are available for us to not only review, but find the right price.


I appreciate your stopping by and checking out everything! If you have any questions or comments be sure to leave them below.

Thanks again!



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